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Investment property

At the moment, savings yield little interest. Investors are therefore increasingly looking for alternatives to make their savings more profitable. Not only investors, but also parents who buy a home and then rent it out to their children. Real estate will be worth more in the long term, perhaps this may be interesting for you.

You can of course decide for yourself whether you purchase the property in private or in your personal holding. Because of the interest rate that is historically still low and the rental income, an attractive return can be achieved.

Did you know that you can also take out a mortgage for the purchase of a second home or an investment property? Most mortgage lenders are willing to finance a large part of the purchase price for you. You can influence the amount of the rate yourself. The more you contribute yourself, the sharper the rate. If you buy a current property in a good location with a strong tenant, a sharper mortgage interest rate can be offered. And the lower the mortgage interest rate, the higher your return!

We are in contact with the best mortgage lenders in this area. This way we are able to quickly provide you with the sharpest offer. Curious about the possibilities?  Schedule an exploratory meeting with our specialist in investment properties.