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In addition to a closure, a divorce is also a new beginning. One of the components of the new beginning is the living situation. What is financially responsible and what does the possible new mortgage look like? These are questions that we as a Certified Financial Advisor (old title: Recognized Mortgage Advisor) would like to answer. Often more is possible than the calculations you can find on the Internet. You will not find a so-called management test on the internet. As a result, someone may still be able to live in the old house.

We are happy to inform you about the divorce process and the documents. Think of a covenant, registration of civil status and judgment of the Court. Sometimes we can also surprise clients who come out of a divorce or breakup. For this we have a Cheaper Living Scheme. The new monthly costs must be lower than 50% of the old load. Then the intended new home might be able to go ahead. We are happy to inform you.