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Time for a new kitchen? And the bathroom may also need to be replaced or you wish to enlarge the house with a dormer window or extension. Whatever your plans are, the advisors of Ingenius mortgage are happy to think along with you.

A second mortgage involves a number of things that you may not immediately think about. For example, at some banks valuation costs can be saved with an online valuation (desktop valuation). And if the mortgage is registered higher, you do not have to go to the notary. And if customers finance extra for the home, the additional costs and the interest are deductible if the mortgage meets the tax requirements.

In addition to the affordability of the monthly costs, the value of the home must be sufficient to keep the investment justified. That is why it is important that the mortgage advisor has a good network with appraisers. Where necessary, the advisor will also make adjustments if the plans may not be wise and the investment may be too large compared to the desired monthly costs and mortgage sum. The renovation plans must exactly match the mortgage application and often also with the valuation report. This must be precisely matched to prevent future problems during the renovation.