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Borrow money

If money is borrowed, it is important to do this in the most sensible way possible. Therefore, be well informed about the possibilities. You may be able to increase a mortgage or borrow money from a bank without a mortgage. But did you know that the ‘Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting’ also offers opportunities for financing. Very handy that your advisor can help you make the most sensible choice.

Revolving Credit

A revolving credit is characterized by flexibility. Repaid amounts can be withdrawn. As a result, the term may take longer. The monthly costs are usually fixed and the interest in this form is variable.

Personal Loan

With this form of credit, you know exactly where you stand. The interest, the monthly installments and the term are fixed in advance. Repaid amounts cannot be withdrawn again. In some cases, a personal loan is cheaper than a second mortgage.