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In addition to a term life insurance and housing expense protector, we also advise on non-life insurance. Think of the building, contents and liability insurance. But this also includes legal expenses, travel, car, scooter or caravan insurance.

We compare 17 insurance companies on rate and conditions and it is even possible to take out an all-in-1 benefit package. There are different insurers on the policy, but you do have 1 policy, 1 point of contact and the ‘stack discount’.

Whether you want a green insurer or a small-scale insurer with the highest customer satisfaction and 14x voted best non-life insurer in the Netherlands. Or a provider who is looking for the best deal for you per insurance company, we can always give you appropriate advice.

Why insure through us?
Online there are many comparison sites, these are easy to use and give a good overview. Nevertheless, we advise you to get advice without obligation. In this way you will receive tailor-made advice and a product that suits your situation. It has already happened that a house burned down and the insurance did not pay out the entire rebuilding value because the insured amount was lower.

For a single life insurance we charge € 100, -. Often two insured persons can be put on one policy. The rate for a housing cost protector, in case of incapacity for work and/or unemployment, is €150,-. No costs will be charged for non-life insurances.

  • Nathan Jongejan - Certified mortgage advisor