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Faster than Funda

Most people still search for homes through Funda. This can be done better, through our search system you will be the first to receive new housing offers in your mailbox, even before the property is listed on Funda. When an NVM broker enters the property, it automatically enters our search system, which you can use for free with your personal search. And if you want a calculation of the intended home, that request is with the click of a button to your mortgage advisor at Ingenius Hypotheekadvies.

Faster than Funda
Free of charge for our clients
Multiple searches possible
With the push of a button contact with your advisor

In addition to the mortgage calculation, we also request a free value report of the intended home. This report contains an indication of the value, recent sales prices of comparable homes and any points of attention regarding the foundation. For active and latent searchers we offer our clients a head start on other potential buyers. Create your free account now using the button below.